A corporate website with optional CRM and Marketing integration
A modern, responsive and search-friendly website which will grow with your business for a fixed budget of £2800

Ideal for companies with an existing website or who are developing a new product/service line.

Real Life Advice websiteThis package includes:

  • Meeting with your team to discover how your products/services deliver value to your customers.
  • Design and develop a website which meets the needs of your customers and your business objectives.
  • Consider and integrate with any other marketing activity.
  • Develop and evolve your new site on a secure server until all stakeholders have approved it for launch.
  • Launch your new site with SSL, ensure SEO compatibility, GDPR compliance and responsiveness.

Site security

  • We will install https protection on your domain
  • Your site will have Wordfence (Pro) installed from launch
  • The entire site will be automatically backed up every day, so if there is an issue we can roll back to a previous version within minutes
  • All software is updated within 24hrs of a new version

Procura Corporate siteFuture proofing

  • We will build your website on the world’s largest platform, which means there are thousands of developers continually developing the platform and many more creating all the functionality you will ever need.
  • Our creative team stays up to date with the latest trends in web design and can keep your site at the cutting edge of performance.
  • Your site will always be up to date and current with the latest technology and will comply with new regulations as they are issued.

Timeline to Live

Week 1:  Exploration and fact finding

Weeks 2-3:  Initial web build and content creation

Weeks 3-5: Content editing, functionality integration, client changes

Week 6: Compatibility testing, SEO on content, analytics setup etc

Week 7: Go live


  • 50% at the outset of the project.
  • 50% on website live date.

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